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Our mission is to combine the ideas, opportunities, and benefits of a worldwide community to promote DigiByte.  Join our DigiByte community to develop and share ideas, and provide support.  Together we can show the world the benefits of DigiByte innovation and services.


Provides Blockchain-Based Solutions for

Business, Gaming, Social Media, and


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What We're Working On ...

Check out our project portfolio to see our projects.  Our projects include marketing and advertising, community development, and even community submitted projects.

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DigiByte is a global community.  The DigiByte Group is a diverse community of thoughtful, engaged, and committed supporters.  You are a part of our community.  Learn more about how you can get involved and read our FAQs.

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Keep up with the latest announcements, support, and recent news.  We believe that an informed community is a strong community.  We encourage all of you to suggest ideas for guides and videos.


A community led project that gives you access to all the latest exchange information, network data, APIs, a vanity address generator, and even a DigiByte faucet where you can get a few free DigiByte every hour.

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DigiByte Knights

Supporting the community and services with projects and contests

We know that community is the heart of distributed blockchain technology.  We all believe in the future of DigiByte as a cornerstone of blockchain-based services, e-commerce, and distributed ledgers.  The DigiByte Knights work to promote and expand the community and adoption by sponsoring projects, developing community information, and holding contests where you can win DigiBytes.

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